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If you are close to recommend e-Learning system to the company or organisation through How Make Money Online You will get 10 % commission for any paid use of the system and receive Your commissions from every paid use unless the company uses the system, moreless there is no income time limitation and you may create unlimited number of systems what increases your income.   When registering new system, each registered company will receive 30 USD FREE credit, making it possible to test the system in advance, and then to recharge the credit at any time. In this way You, as the one who recommended the system, are getting Your commissions - so let´s Make Money Online from home. Add yourself as an intermediary through registration on and this ensures you to get commission to your intermediary account.


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Hundreds of thousands of people are educating every day, and if an organization educates eg. 100 people and pays 300 USD in the system, You will get Your 30 USD. If You are looking for regular income how to make mone online from home, it is possible to register as much systems as You are able place to end customers and this way You have an excellent opportunity to ensure Yourself convenient regular income.

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  • Are You close to IT, HR or education that requires use of an e-Learning system?
  • Can You recommend an e-Learning system to any company or institution for the purpose of saving their expenses, or for online education your workers and students?
  • Can You make use of e-Learning in Your projects You use to support your clients as an education agency?
  • Or would You simply like to offer an e-Learning tool to companies or institutions as part of affiliate marketing or other business channels and arrangements, thereby earning Your regular 10% commission for using the e-Learning system You recommended.

The more companies You will have in Your portfolio, the higher and more stable Your commission income will be.

What is e-Learning is very simple but effective e-Learning platform - Learning Management System (LMS)  for creating and administering courses for employees or students as part of their education. You can learn more about the terms of use, the advantages of the system or registration at

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In order to be able to get commissions from every assigned course and other paid services used by the companies in Your portfolio, You need to register FREE at and in the second step of the registration submit Your PayPal account, where Your commissions will be sent.

You will pay no entry or others fees for the registration or mediation!

Competitive advantage for consultants and education agencies

Are You, for example, a consultant in an education agency who needs an e-Learning plattform for the purposes of customer care; a platform, which You will be able to use for pretest, posttest and which will remain fully functional for the customer to use for his professional education?

Isn’t this a perfect competitive advantage? How Make Money offers this FREE for You!

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Implement Training-Online LMS system in Your customer services, and if the customer will keep using the platform, You as an intermediary partner will get your 10 % reward from using of the system. You can have bigger commission by having more companies in Your portfolio.


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When registering and creating the e-Learning system, each company platform will recieve 30 USD FREE credit for testing purposes or immediate system using. FREE credit makes possible to test the system in advance and get the first user experience which leads to a higher probability that the system will continue to be used, and the company will use paid services due to satisfaction with the system.

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You will get your 10 % reward from every paid service via Your PayPal account. The more companies You have in Your portfolio and the more employess or students, the higher the commissions may be.

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